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text began its life as an internet forum in the days before Facebook and Twitter had really taken off (and taken over) and for a few wonderful years was the place to be for scooterists everywhere.

While a shadow of its former self, the forum is still there for now at least...

But all good things must pass and is no exception. As the Man wrote: -

scooter-forums radio (the original SFR) was born here and spawned several DJ's who have gone on to perfect their craft elsewhere. The station morphed into Solid Front Radio (the new SFR) under the stewardshipof the indomitable Barnsley Sime and is still broadcasts on the internet regularly via MIXLR.

"Times were so tough, but not as tough as they are now
We were so close and nothing came between us and the world. No personal situations

Thick as thieves us, we'd stick together for all time
And we meant it but it turns out just for a while
We stole the friendship that bound us together


But something came along that changed our minds
I don't know what and I don't know why
But we seemed to grow up in a flash of time
While we watched our ideals helplessly unwind

Now, we're no longer as thick as thieves - no
We're not as thick as we used to be, no
We're no longer as thick as thieves, no
We're not as thick as we used to be

No it wasn't enough
And we've gone and spoiled everything
Now we're no longer as thick as thieves


As for me, I surrendered to the allure of Facebook and Twitter, along with three quarters of the world's population (seemingly) and can be found here:

Andy Mellett-Brown

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and, of course here:

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